How long does it take for you to make a data-driven decision?

No more cumbersome spreadsheets, drudgery data copypasting or wild guessing. An AI assistant is here to help you with timely and valuable advice.

From current working tools like CRMs, ERPs or any other software which keeps information on business performance, we get and process the data to deliver ideas on how to improve operations, finance or marketing.

Key features
Revenue optimisation

Based on asses price sensitivity we provide with advice on change in the price level to get maximum possible revenue

True sale cost

We automatically allocate part of the fixed costs and an allocated variable cost to deliver the true value of performed operations.

Budget forecasting

Based on optimal revenue and true cost forecast we build monthly or quarterly budgets with unbeatable precision.

Task scheduling

Based on available information on planned activity and true cost and values of current operations we build the worksheets and assigning tasks to the relevant employees.

Our products
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