We are a team of developers, business analysts, and business owners with managerial experience.

Since 2012, we have been working with mathematical forecasting models applicable to accounting data from ERP systems. All this time, this approach has been helping us to achieve the most accurate forecasting results. We also constantly engage business analysts from various fields to enrich the product we offer.
Why we created Intensifly?
The idea to start a business analytical company came to us in 2017. At that time, we had been successfully running a small B2B printer business for 6 years for both companies and individuals. The business needed growth, and we decided to change the sales strategy and involve experienced developers to improve our products. As a result, we concluded that the combination of artificial intelligence with business analytics significantly improves sales and improves procurement forecasting.

This successful experiment put the beginning of a new company Intensifly in 2019. We focused not only on automatic forecasts of ready-made data but also on custom-made solutions that became possible with our developers' team's ideas and suggestions.

In two years, we had to reject and change many features and prospects of the product because some mathematical models worked best and others didn't work at all. The first companies we worked with helped us to establish the right concept. Still, the most important point for us was always to create a product that would help thousands of businesses to plan and enjoy their growth without the hassle and blind shots in a business strategy. In our experience, these are the best things a business can get without the cost of a business analyst.
Our mission
We thrive to return entrepreneurs and business owners the joy of doing business. The joy of a great business game with professional support and a space for your personal life, development, and exploration.